News from the Women’s March – January 23, 2017

So maybe I skipped last week. Honestly, everything has been too overwhelming recently and we all needed a break. But, the Women’s March rejuvenated me and today, I’m making it ALL about women what the news articles I’ve got.

We can get to the rights of other people on another day. Today, I’m making it all about the ladies.

First, can we talk about the Women’s March? Of course we can because I’m writing this! 

If you haven’t had a chance, I’d recommend checking out all the amazing pictures of turnouts that were double, triple, quadruple and so on, the size they were expected to be! Women, use your voices and be heard! And because if you were there but weren’t able to be near the stage to hear anything, feel free to watch all the great speeches that were given, as I had to do. Here are some of my favorite speeches:

Nasty Woman, written by Nina Donovan, performed by Ashley Judd

We must put our bodies where our beliefs are. Sometimes hitting send is not enough! – Gloria Steinem. This woman. Is she amazing or what?
And to paraphrase a great quote
“I have met the people, and you are not the people”

One can be dismissed, two can be ignored, but together, we are a movement and we are unstoppable.

There is no organization that needs your help more this week, than Planned Parenthood. And if you’re jonsing for more Cecile Richards, I’d recommend this interview from The Daily show, even more.

I still wouldn’t trade being there for anything, though. And can I just say, if you are scared of crowds, scared of protesting, this was NOTHING to be scared of. It was beautiful and powerful and to say the very least, uplifting. Make your voices be heard! You will not regret it.

I’d also like to speak to the women who said the march wasn’t for them, and the women who called the march a “disgrace to women” and I know a few who did, personally. The biggest take away I have from these women is:

  1. You don’t even REALIZE the rights you don’t have but that’s ok because I do. And I will continue to fight for you until you realize that. I mean, you had rights taken away THIS MORNING! Did you know that? It was even better that he was surrounded by men as he signed it, because clearly he doesn’t think it necessary for a woman to be in the room when making decisions about their reproductive health.
  2. To the woman who posted this long mess, the only thing I get from it is that you are selfish. You are self-centered and self-serving and clearly do not care about those lesser than you. I’m happy that you have the ability to make your own choices. I’m glad you have the opportunity to speak and be heard. I’m glad you can vote, work if you want or stay home, control your body, defend yourself and your family. That said, you are only speaking for yourself. As a woman, I would think you would stand behind all the women in their lives who do not have these entitlements. What you have is called privilege. You need to recognize it, and then you need to use it to speak out for those who don’t have these rights. Unfortunately, you’re so far up your own asshole, you can’t see the forest through the trees. You can’t see that your rights as you know them will be stripped away little by little until there is nothing less and then you probably won’t be able to vote your way out of that situation, and then when you beg for help, who will come? All the people you insulted? No. We will not be there for you. We will remember when you made it all about yourself and we will leave you there.



Somewhat Daily News for January 13, 2017

Hey friends! Well, we’ve made it to Friday, the 13th!!


I caught up on a ton of news today. I think I was too distracted with all the nomination hearings and the ACA Repeal stuff, that I missed everything else that was going on. Ok, I didn’t miss it, but it didn’t seem as important to learn about, given all the other stuff. So, I’ve got a lot of articles that I read today and last night.


First, I don’t think I really focused on nominations other than Sessions and a quick link to Tillerson, but I thought you should also look at the highlights from the hearing for Ben Carson. I thought Pompeo and Mattis were somewhat uneventful but still important to know about. Check it out, if you feel like it.

Civil Rights News: The most important news that’s come out lately (for me) are both civil rights related. These are both a really big deal, possibly moreso given the current political climate:

  1. A report that Loretta Lynch and the DOJ just released about the Chicago police department. The say they’re violating constitutional rights right and left, using bias, hiding evidence, using excessive force, etc. etc. The bigger thing, is that Senator Sessions has basically said that he won’t work too hard to hold up those rights, and didn’t really show any care or concern for the federal review process.
  2.  This “lawmaker” in Arizona would ban courses, activities or events that are designed primarily for a particular ethnic group, promote social justice toward a race, or advocate solidarity based on ethnicity. Here’s the full bill in case you want to read it.

Anyone familiar with the word Kompromat? Don’t worry, Russia says they don’t do that!


Obviously there was the ACA news that came out during the late night Vote-O-Rama (see how much fun they’re having working now that Obama is going to be out? They’ve even willing to work late!) Anyway, since you’ve heard enough about what the beginning of repeal means, and if you haven’t, you can look here. I can’t say I’m surprised at all that they would try to repeal. What I was surprised about was –

  1. The Democrats that voted against lower drug prices/getting drugs from Canada (I get why GOPers voted against). They say they are worried about the quality of the pharmaceuticals coming in from Canada but I mean, Canadians seem alright, so I’m not sure what the problem is besides pharmaceutical companies having more competition and being forced to lower their prices?
  2. Why Republicans seem to want to vote on repealing Obamas efforts on sexual assault on college campuses. Why on earth is that a bad thing? And now I’m worried they’re just going to repeal anything that came into existence in the last 8 years.

Trump Pick News: Not a cabinet position but this guy fits with the cabinet position picks. In that he’s against what he was picked to lead. See, one of the things Trump ran on was the anti-vaxx movement. And so they’re considering creating a commission to study vaccine safety. I mean, everyone wants vaccines to be safe, right? Except they are safe and what Trump is doing, is trying to make them less safe, disguised as making them more safe. And if he does call this commission, he wants notorious anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to lead it! I’m not totally against this guy. I think he’d be a GREAT person to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. But that’s of course, not what he was picked for, and scientists are worried (among the million other reasons scientists are worried about our future).

Straight Up Weird News: White Supremacists are worried that Trump was just pretending to agree with them (I tend to disagree). As such, they put out a warningt: Listen to us or watch out!

And while we’re watching some videos, I can’t recommend the Kellyanne Conway interviews with Seth Meyers and Anderson Cooper, enough. They actually kind of go together, so watch them both.


Finally just a little note to Senator Ben Sasse, yes, this is terrible that there are people who don’t know/understand the 1st Amendment and the rights it affords us. But the fact is, if they did know, there’s a good chance you and your party would never have been elected.


It’s the 10 Steps to Repeal!

So for those like me that best understand things in the form of musicals, I’ve created a little song parody, to the tune of the Ten Duel Commandments, from Hamilton! I thought it was fitting.

So, without further adieu, here are The 10 Steps to Repeal! 

One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight, nine…
It’s the Ten Steps to Repeal!
It’s the Ten Steps to Repeal!
Number one!
The Senate: The budget needs some passin’
Dems can lead amendments but they won’t have the backin’
Number two!
Move to the house, for more budget action
It’s full of Republicans so it will have traction
Number three!
The House drafts a bill for repeal
The Country may resist
Just blame Obama, you know the spiel.
This is simple, we’ve been doin’ it for years!
We’ll prob’ly even get some cheers!
Number four!
Our representatives pass the bill
Time to hoard drugs and maybe a poison pill
People will need an out when they don’t have insurance
Lord knows we can’t give the country any reassurance.
Then the bill goes back to the Senate
Watch out because there’ll be more against it
Number six!
The Senate will debate the bill
Then the Dems will have opinions ‘bout the blood they think we’ll spill.
Make sure amendments that are brought by the left
Don’t see the light of day
Should be pretty easy if Repubs. coalesce
Number eight!
The Senate votes repeal, please translate!
Basically, in the game it’s the Repubs form of a checkmate!
VP Mike Pence
Harry Reid, Sir.
Can we agree repeal is dumb and immature?
But Trump said he’d repeal the ACA, Sir.
Trump’s a shill. We both know it’s absurd, sir
How many people have to die because Trump is immature and calamitous?
Okay, so? we’re doin’ this!
Number nine!
Send it to conference committee
House and Senate bills come to a unity.
One two three four
Five six seven eight nine
TEN! Trump

Somewhat Daily News for January 10, 2017

Just fixing this. Accidentally made this a “Page” instead of a post, so I’m just re-posting it here. Enjoy!

Well, I can’t say I’ve read much news today because I’ve been listening the Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing for a majority of the day. And in case you were wondering my favorite part, you can watch it here:

God bless Al Franken. I am so thankful he’s on this committee.

In other slightly more breaking news:

and now on to some other news…

FBI News: Look, do I like James Comey? No. Do I think he’s partially to blame for this whole damn election? I sure do. Do I think he should be fired? No. Why? Because I think whoever the new administration will bring in, will be 100% worse than Comey. I think that’s pretty well established by their record so far. Comey is in it for Comey and we have to hope that he continues to be that way in the new administration. That said, Comeys comments today regarding whether or not there is an ongoing investigation and whether the FBI is sitting on information regarding the collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, is just wrong. They need to air this information and they need to do it before the inauguration. It’s just that simple. And if you don’t want to read the whole article, at least read the following two statements:


Science News: Ok, now this is pretty cool. sometimes science creeps me out, but this was actually really a very interesting read. Scientists have been looking for the element that makes up a significant portion of the Earths core. They had iron and nickel but believed there was another one that they couldn’t quite pin point. And now they believe they’ve found the missing element! And the answer is? SILICON! Which seems very American to me.

ACLU News: The head of the ACLU has done an interview with Rolling Stone about how they are bracing for the new presidency. He highlights their continued focus on undocumented immigrants, surveillance of Muslims, and de-funding Planned Parenthood. They certainly have their work cut out for them and I’d recommend donating to them and/or becoming a member. All the cool kids are doing it.

Sandwich News: Finally, my favorite story of the last few days. That of a barricade situation which all started over what police say, was a grilled cheese sandwich.


As for my podcast recommendation for the day, I’d like to offer the 538 Politics Podcast from Monday about the relationship between Trump and the Senate, and info about the upcoming confirmation hearings which started today.

Somewhat Daily News for January 9, 2017

Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posting last week. Illness got the best of me and while I was still reading the news, I didn’t think posting while hopped up on NyQuil was a good idea. But I’m back, I’m 80% healthy and I’m here for your news reading pleasure! So, let’s begin!

Let’s start out with what’s important. The Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Top 5 best dressed (click the image for the full size). bestdressed

I think my favorite overall was Zoe Saldana. Her dress was both unique, showed her personality and reminded me in a way, of a Disney Princess.

And I’d like to give an Honorable Mention to Janelle Monae and Lola Kirke (but not her armpits. Do you though, girl).

Best Dressed Cast:  bestdressedcast

And finally, Best Dressed Couple:  gg02-livelyreynolds

Best Read: The woman who used a Lifetime Achievement Award to tell the world how shitty our President Elect is.


And when Trump called her overrated, I’m sure this was her response:


And now, the real news.

ACA News: Good Ol’ Boy, Senator Mitch McConnell went on Face the Nation talking about the failures of the ACA and then gave absolutely no response as to what it would be replaced with. I’ve yet to see anyone who wants repeal of the ACA, not want a replacement and yet the Republicans are going around without a clue as to how it should/will be replaced. This is a really great article by Vox and I really recommend reading the whole thing. Just remember Congress,


Paul Ryan is a Scaredy Cat News: After Speaker Ryan announced his plans to defund Planned Parenthood, the group got a petition going asking the Speaker to protect funding for the organization. Our Speaker of the House was so scared of Planned Parenthood activists, he sent 6 security guards to block them from being able to deliver their petition. Yes, just paper. I also recommend the twitter hashtag, #PaulRyanSoScared.

State Department News: This isn’t so much a story as a statement, but Secretary of State John Kerry has issued a formal apology. To whom you ask? Well, to the LGBTI community, on behalf of the State Department:


Public Lands News: I actually almost missed this one as it wasn’t really covered in any of the news I was watching but luckily I have vigilant friends who picked up on it for me! Basically the House approved a rule through the Congressional Budget Office valuing all public lands at $0, and doing away with the former valuation through a Cost analysis, which would look at financial losses and the cost to the American taxpayers, that would occur by selling the land. This could potentially decimate the economies of many western states and the “outdoors” industry which brings in roughly $600+ billion and supports the jobs of over 6 million people. I’m honestly shocked that our President Elect didn’t nominate one of the members of the Bundy Clan to be Secretary of the Interior, at this point.

Former Iranian Leader News: Former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a moderate member of the ruling elite of Iran, passed away at the age of 82. Many believe he was also an integral part of getting Hassan Rouhani elected and the move toward moderate thinking in the country.

Border Wall News:

Finally, and this one you probably saw. Our President Elect has been claiming that the media is lying when they say that he will have the US pay for the wall, and NOT Mexico. He says otherwise. That we just need America to pay for it now, for the sake of expediency, and then Mexico will pay us back. Buying something up front expecting someone else to pay it back is how the market collapsed in 2008. But, just like his businesses, he’ll build it with other people’s money & declares bankruptcy if it fails. Except this time, it’ll be the American peoples money.

Finally, if you’re still reading, it’s podcast time!

I’ve been listening to Keepin’ it 1600 for quite some time. Unfortunately for Bill Simmons, the group running the Pod have left but on good terms. The reason? They’ve created their own website to talk politics. It’s called Crooked Media, and with it, they’ve got a new podcast. It’s  called Pod Save America and it debuts today! I have yet to listen to its inaugural episode but if it’s anything like Keepin’ it 1600, I’m sure it will be worth your while to listen.


Somewhat Daily News for January 4, 2017

You know, sometimes you’ve got to start with some light hearted news before you delve back in to the real news. So today, we’re going to start with that.

Football News: I do love sports but usually their news is pointless, but when it comes to social justice, I’m a big fan of their news. And today I learned that members of the 49ers gave Colin Kaepernick one of the biggest awards you can get from your team. I think more people should be rewarded for that kind of thing.


James Corden is Adorable News: The passing of George Michael has hit a lot of people. I wasn’t ever a really big fan of his but I can appreciate his work. What really got me was James Cordens tribute.

And now, the real news…

Learn Something News: After the episode that was the ethics crap yesterday, I think it’s important to expand our knowledge and always be looking at what Congress is trying to do. Today I learned all about the REINS Act. I do remember it somewhat from a few years ago, as it related to the Clean Air Act but that was pretty much where it stopped, so I felt I should dig a little deeper. I started here, and then I also read this and this.

Pet Rabbit News: This I just ran across on twitter but of all the weird things congressmen spend money on that they aren’t supposed to, this is one of the better ones I’ve heard.


Climate Change News: Somehow climate change news always seems to be more effective when there are pictures. Everyone can relate to pictures. Data, science, they may not listen, it may confuse them, but pictures are proof. At least for me.

Republican News: Don’t you just love the hypocrisy?

Democrat News: Everyone loves a new hashtag #MakeAmericaSickAgain

And that’s all for today.

Somewhat Daily News for January 3, 2017


Well friends, despite its best efforts, we survived 2016. Are we better for it? Probably not, but here we are. In fact, based on literally the first thing the House did upon their new session commencing, I’m gonna say, the downward spiral has already begun!

House Ethics News: Ok so by now, if you read my previous paragraph and linked article, you know that the House eliminated the only independent ethics oversight committee, and move it to be under the House Ethics Committee. Gotta love how Republicans claim they want to ‘drain the swamp,’ but eliminate committee CREATED to promote accountability and transparency. What bothered me more though, is that then, Fox News came out with a story saying DJT was bashing the move. Here’s the thing though, he wasn’t bashing it. He was just saying it shouldn’t be the first thing they do. I’m sure he doesn’t realize that they’re most likely doing it to for the betterment of DJT and his people. Also in case you were wondering how I think Don the Con would react to any kind of ethics committee hearing, I imagine it would go something like this.

Updated since I started writing this 5 minutes ago: The House has apparently pulled the Goodlatte Amendment (the ethics change). Allegedly because of DJT’s tweets but I like to believe it is because of all the people calling. But sure, give the credit to the Scumbag Elect.

News News: Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox for NBC! And Buzzfeed News has hired investigative reporter and self proclaimed “FOIA Terrorist” Jason Leopold. I’ve read a ton of his stuff on Vice (one of my personal favorite news outlets) and look forward to reading him on Buzzfeed!

Ellen DeGeneres News: So this hateful woman, Kim Burrell was supposed to be on Ellen to perform a song with Pharell, but after her message, Ellen only had this to say:


And in the spirit of our future Russian overlords, I don’t have a podcast recommendation because I spent most of my time off watching The Americans. I do recommend it though. If nothing else, maybe you’ll learn some Russian.