Well I guess it’s officially daily because we’ve done this two days in a row now! Do I dare tempt for a full 5-7?

I also wanted to make a note that some of the news is just what I’m discovering on that day, so it may be from a few days prior, but not more than a week or so.

Today is less worldly as there was enough for me to read locally, not even including the news that the Orioles got a new catcher. We’ll miss you my sweet, sweet, Wieters! Add another jersey to my “No longer current Orioles” t-shirt quilt. Welcome to the team, Welington Castillo. But onto some news:

  1. Housing/Fed News: Janet Yellen Raises Interest Rates for the SECOND TIME!
    I’d just like to reiterate that it was the second time, unlike a lot of folks on twitter seem to remember. I mean really, there can’t be that many regular Marketplace listeners on my twitter feed that listen to Janet Yellen stories enough to competently discuss “The Fed”. Do they even know what “The Fed” is? Oh also, by a lot of people on Twitter, what I mean is Ann Coulter and people who spew her garbage. But anyway, many think the Federal Reserve is just super political and that they only increased the rate to screw with the GOP. It was actually raised almost to the day, last year! And they said last year they’d do it again by the same increment, both this year and next year. But I mean, details… The WSJ has a good article as well which I recommend.  Also, in case you’re wondering what this means for you, is basically has to do with anything involving loans – car loans, student loans, mortgage loans, etc. etc. etc.
  2. Op-Ed News: Women Supporting Women.

    I’m not a big Chelsea Handler fan. I’ve never watched any of her shows (which I blame more on that lady that’s friends with Kris Jenner whose name escapes me). I think I started reading one of her books, maybe. And she’s friends with my girl Jen Aniston so I support her. Any friend of Jen is a friend of mine! This piece really resonated with me. Alternative Title: The article where I realized that “Anti-Abortion” laws should be called what they really are, “Forced Pregnancy” laws. And in the immortal words of VEEP Selina MeyerSelina Meyer
    Thankfully we still have Obama just a little bit longer!

  3. Science News: Elon Musk Joining Transition Team Isn’t The Real Story.

    I wouldn’t even say this is a story, so much as a statement but it’s an interesting one nonetheless. I wanted to mention this part of it before I get into the real my favorite part of the story. The reason I think this is important is because Musk is super pro-green energy while Trump doesn’t seem to want to hire anyone who isn’t actively involved in coal/oil speculation. Meanwhile, Musk supports a Carbon Tax ::gasp:: ! Musk was also trolled by a few alt-right white supremacists in their attack on the green energy economy in general. I’d love to hear from Musk as to what the two men spoke about and what they’ll work on together. Why this worries me though, is because I think Musk has more in common with Trump than I realized (example 1. example 2). And now to my favorite part of this “Tech Meeting”:
  4. Wronged Trump News: The Irony of All Ironiesor as a gent I follow on twitter put it:
    12-14-16and while we’re talking about things I saw on Twitter, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this massive understatement:
  5. Broadway News: SNL goes to Hamilton!I think anyone that knows me knows my Hamilton obsession is at peak levels and has officially moved into my top 5 favorite musicals*.


And finally, the Pod of the Day: Dumb Gay Politics, Episode 3. It’s a new Pod, this is only the second real episode. They’re still finding their groove but they’re great and I am excited to eventually say I was listening to them from the beginning (meaning before this podcast when they were on The People’s Couch!). Thanks for putting yourself in my earholes, Julie and Brandy!

*Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked, Evita and Rocky Horror. I bumped out West Side Story, sorry Sharks and Jets.


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