Today’s post features such fun things as education (and lack thereof) news, Standing Rock news, Aleppo needs your help news, Amazon news and some sad news for the sports world. Enjoy!

  1. Education News: The Miseducation of Trumps Cabinet

    It’s interesting having a President and First lady who hold such a value in education. The problem with the current President Elect, is that when you want to be the smartest person in the room, you have to dumb down the room. And that’s what we’re seeing in this cabinet. And in case you’re wondering why an education, or lack of one is important, I’ll direct you to an article from November, post election, about who voted for Donald Trump and why. I’d give you a hint but I bet you’re educated enough to know…

  2. Standing Rock News: It’s Still a Problem

    Yup. You thought it was over well, you’re about 25% right. Yes, the Army Corps said they wouldn’t grant the easement. And that’s great. But, then there’s the problem that Rick Perry, the guy who forgot to name the Department of Energy when listing off Departments to do away with, was just named as the President Elects pick for Energy Secretary. Any guesses what kind of fun conflict of interest Mr. Perry has going on? If you guessed that he’s on the Board of Energy Transfer Partners, the owner of the pipeline, you’d be correct.12-15-16-3 Alice

  3. Freak You the F*ck Out News: Amazon Doesn’t Need People

    I have so many weird fears about drones and honestly, them delivering packages is the least of them, but it still bothers me for a multitude of reasons. That said, the last line about 7-11 delivering me slurpees and doughnuts does have me intrigued.

  4. Aleppo/Op-Ed News: What YOU Can Do

    Listen, what’s going on in Aleppo has been going on for quite some time now. Maybe you hadn’t heard about it, maybe you had but didn’t know where you stood. Maybe you didn’t think there was anything you could do to help. The thing is though, there are things you can do to help, so do them! This is a blog that I read that’s kind of morphed into a little more than a humble blog over the years, and they’re connecting people with the places to donate to this cause.

  5. Sad News: R.I.P. Craig Sager.

    I don’t know about you but I can’t think of a Jimmy V winners speech that hasn’t made me straight up sob. #NeverGiveUp #FuckCancer.

And finally, for some levity, my pod of the day goes to Young House Love Has a Podcast, and their episode about Christmas Decorating (#35 on iTunes). I think we all need some light hearted holiday fun for a minute or thirty.


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