Well, as they say, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and I’m feeling depressed as hell. But in the darkest days (literally, it starts getting lighter tomorrow, thank you sun!), I did still see the sweetest story today that warmed my heart to epic levels. Amy Schumer, you’re wonderful and amazing and your father is lucky to have a daughter like you. But lets move on to some real news, shall we?

Nepotism/Corruption News: The Trump sons are trying to sell access to their father through some kind of ridiculous fundraiser? Is that what you would call it? They’re trying to distance themselves but I think it’s pretty clear they knew what they were getting into. Thanks to the Center for Public Integrity for just straight up showing the business filing with their names right on the paperwork. Not for profit, my ass.

Strange Bedfellows News: I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about Samantha Bee’s interview with Glenn Beck. I watched live and the interview stuck with me so much that I ended up being up hours after I should’ve gone to bed. I couldn’t shake it. I want to believe that he’s this quasi-reformed man… and maybe I shouldn’t be this fatalist/catastrophe/sky is falling thinker, and heed his warning. But then I remember, all the Glenn Beck “sky is falling” crap, the sky wasn’t falling. Your rights weren’t going to change. Nothing hurt you when Obama was elected and throughout his terms. Further, his media company still owns The Blaze, which means you still employ Tomi Lahren and Joe Walsh. So… how am I to believe he’s reformed, when he employs people like them? I think if he fired her it would go a long way for me, but then she’d just become a martyr to the Trump world. What he needs to do is remove himself from the company and speak out against people like them, not just to Samatha Bee. Untill he does that, his warning means nothing to me. I certainly don’t think I should go around yelling at Trump supporters about why they are terrible and make bad decisions, I try to be rational and explain but then my fatalist mindset comes back and I just want to scream – YOU SCREWED US ALL! Also, I think Glenn Beck looks like what Tim Allen looked like when he was transitioning to Santa Claus. 

Santa Claus Tim Allen

Congressional Approval News: If you think the senate not approving Merrick Garland is something, you should look at the over 50 other judicial appointments that the Obama administration tried to get through. Gotta love that Republicans complain about nothing getting done but are in fact the ones doing the nothing. Not only were they not voted in, they didn’t even get a vote! What kind of constitutional republic is this, anyway? The real problem here is that now, they will start appointing and not only will we be losing fair and balanced contenders to the Supreme Court, but we’ll also lose them all around the nation.

White Privilege News: This article comes from Shaun King about white privilege in the form of prosecution and sentencing. The first story is highly disturbing but needs to be shared. It also bothers me that this happened over 6 months ago and I just heard about it. But these stories are many. I think the one we’ve all noticed is Dylann Roof and why he wasn’t charged with terrorism (thankfully he was convicted of a hate crime as part of all 33 counts he was convicted of). The fact though, is that the stories are everywhere. They aren’t even hard to find. And if you want more of a lesson, may I recommend watching 13th on Netflix, which is really just the tip of the iceberg. The stories are literally EVERYWHERE if you don’t have your head in the sand.


Finally, I’ve got a few miscellaneous podcasts that I think you should listen to/read, so here they are:

Ta-Nehisi Coates: I’m a Big Believer in Chaos on Ezra Kleins podcast

President Obamas plans to Rehabilitate the Democratic Party on NPR

and while it hasn’t aired yet, I HIGHLY recommend listening to the Diane Rehm show on Friday for Diane’s last day. This lady is a national treasure and I will miss her on my airwaves (but the good news is she’ll be doing a podcast after she retires from her post at NPR, which is GREAT news!)

The End of an Era in Radio. We’ll miss you Diane!

And because what post would be complete without a video link, lets watch Leslie Odom, Jr. sing a song Sara Bareilles wrote when asked what Obama might be thinking about the current election and Donald Trump (it’s from October but I think it still resonates)


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