Well, we’ve got our President Elect talking about upping our nuclear arsenal so that’s always a good way to start a day! There’s a nuclear winter joke in there somewhere but I haven’t thought of it yet. But lets move on to some other news.

He’s Still Our President News: Before the President Elect screws everything up, at least we have a few more weeks of the guy who really exemplifies what a President is. And this guy, he’s just made it harder (hopefully really hard) to build a Muslim registry. Thank you, President Obama!

Climate Change News: While people still aren’t believing in it (and by people I mean idiots), a DC appeals court has now ruled that you can now sue those people for defamation when people call you fraudulent. Honestly, this seems like a very Trump response. Sure, you can sue them, do that. We still aren’t gonna believe it, but we respect your right to sue people at the very least. I am glad that the Judge ruled that saying climate scientists are wrongly, tarnishes their reputation and personal integrity. Though honestly, it only makes me respect them more. Stick to your guns, science!


Art News: So, some background. After the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, a lot of people looked at the City closing the Bell Foundry for code violations as an assault on artists. Really, it’s just an assault on shady landlords, at least in this case. The good thing is that new Mayor, Catherine Pugh has come out in support of more arts space saying that “Artists make a contribution… We believe that art is everything.” She’s now created a task force to find safe, cost-effective spaces for young artists to live. Baltimore is already pretty good at this with places like City Arts, and the newly created City Arts 2, but more spaces are always a good idea!

Op-Ed News: Just some reading that makes me happy to know there are people out there like me and my friends who can’t shake the dread and despair we feel since the election. Tweeting about nuclear weapons doesn’t really help either. And in a personal op-ed can I just add that if one more person says that the guy going into office in January would’ve won by 3 million if CA and NY votes weren’t counted – THEY COUNT! Those two states hold 18% of the entire US population. And the bigger problem is this… The average electoral vote represents 436,000 people. In CA/NY/FL they represent 500,000 people. But in WY/ND/VE it’s closer to 150,000 per vote. And let’s not even talk about how they’re represented in Congress.


Veteran News: In order to create more transparency, the VA has agreed to start releasing their healthcare quality-of-care ratings. They aren’t great but I think this is a step in the right direction. And in many, they look like they are improving which is good to see. In the link you can also check our your state to see how they’re doing!

Do-Gooder News: Amazon is making it easier to donate with their Give Back Box program. I can dig it.


And now, for my podcast recommendation of the week: I just recently started listening to the Buzzfeed podcast, Another Round with Heben and Tracy. Specifically, I’m recommending their podcast from last month, Another Round All Stars: Lit is Lit for some excellent reading recommendations!


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