This may discredit me a little bit but I should be honest with you. I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie. I know. It’s shameful really but at this point in my life, who knows. Space really scares me and I get panic attacks when I read about it so I’ve always been kind of scared to watch them. That said, I’m a huge fan of Carrie Fisher. I can’t say I knew much about her besides being in Star Wars, until I both heard her on Terry Gross a few years ago as a book of hers was coming out, and watched an interview with her on Ellen when her one woman show was coming out. I found her to be amazing. Her thoughts on mental illness, her comedy, just the way she spoke was just… it was different from everyone else. I really appreciated it. And I appreciated her.  And to relate this to news, take a look at the politics of Rogue One. And also, here’s one of her couple of interviews on Fresh Air with Terry Gross (this one from just a month ago) which is well worth a listen!


And now, onto some news as we wrap up this shit-storm of a year!

He Brought it Up News: I just can’t let Mr. Trump speak about how great his charity is, without noting that it’s not great. Not at all. Very bad. (to speak on his level). This article is a little old (pre-election) but it sums up quite succinctly, what is wrong with his foundation, and what little it actually does. And in other news, Mr. Trump probably will be bringing up a lot more on Twitter in the future, which is really great. Just super.

Private Racist News: Basically, NY Developer Carl Paladino (and co-chair to the Trump campaign) is saying, I know I’m racist, but I didn’t want everyone else to know! But don’t worry Carl, we do. And truly, it’s amazing to know how many white people feel this way.  The only hope we have is that when people make their hate known, we shut it down. WE must make it known that it is not acceptable. And to say “it’s just a joke” does not make it better.

Op-Ed News: I have mixed opinions on this article but I think it’s still worth a read. It’s about why we should Never Stop Yelling at Ivanka Trump. The reason I think it’s important to criticize her is because she’s never stood up to those being criticized. It would be one thing if she was a vocal opponent to bullying in its various fashions, but she has never once stood up for those being attacked by anyone in her party, or otherwise. She is an accessory to her fathers vitriol. Liberals don’t always need to be nice. There’s a difference between “going high” and literally bowing down to those spewing hate against what you believe in, and whether Ivanka believes in that hate or not, she is a part of it until she too, stands up against it.

And finally, in I Like Map News: This was a really interesting scroll through about pop cultrure throughout America and the cultural divide. Also interesting is how I fall in the list of shows I watch.



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