It was actually hard to find diversity in the news today. I don’t know about you but my newsfeed was about 90% Israel/Palestine/Kerry. I do honestly wish I new more about the topic and I’m somewhat well versed in the history but probably not as much as I should be, all things being relative. Anyway, today was a good reminder to keep up and learn more! So lets talk about the news.

Israel Palestine News: This is just a few of the articles I read today regarding the news, Kerry defending a two state solution. Here’s the full transcript of his speech. Here’s the transcript of the UNSC Resolution on Israeli settlements. And finally, here’s an article about why Trump will be bad for Israel (as if Netanyahu doesn’t seem bad enough).

That did take up most of my reading today but I got a few other things in today.

Petition News: I’ve always wondered, how effective are those “We The People” petitions? Do they ever get anything accomplished? With all the ones I’ve seen since the election, I have my doubts. The article does mention a few that have resulted in action (I’m sure Yogi Berra appreciated his Medal of Freedom), but more noticeable, why they don’t usually mean/do anything. What I found more interesting, was what people attempted to petition the white house for!

Fox Screws Up Again News: Good ol’ food stamps are in the news again, with claims of fraud at an all time high. Here’s the thing though, fraud definitely isn’t at an all time high in the world of food stamps. Know where fraud is skyrocketing though? Banking. Business. Elections. Possibly a good idea to look there first?

Objectification News: I can’t say I’m an Ariana Grande fan. I couldn’t name a single song if you asked me (though I did like a Mariah Carey cover I heard her sing once. And enjoyed her on SNL). It’s a short article but it’s just a reminder that just because women talk about sex or maybe even dress provocatively, it doesn’t mean that should open them up to harassment. And it make me understand a little more why people like Jennifer Lawrence aren’t nice to their fans. You don’t need to be nice to me Jen, just keep making jokes about James from VPR and we’re cool.


And finally, if you’re looking for a good podcast listen, may I recommend once again, Another Round. Out today is their interview with Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor.



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