Well it would seem that the big news today is that of the sanctions placed on Russia as a result of their cyber activity. Above are the remarks by the President. The State and Treasury Departments both also issued statements with the actions they’ll be taking. Additionally there was a joint statement made by multiple intelligence agencies. It’ll be interesting to see if Russia even cares and what will happen after January 20th but because this is how diplomacy works nowadays, we already have a response from the Russian Embassy in the UK:

But lets move on from the less James Bond-y news, shall we?

Gun News: Here’s what happens when you let the NRA write our gun laws. This is a great article by Rolling Stone magazine about stand your ground laws and “castle doctrine” and their many problems.

Scientology News: I don’t know if anyone else is into the new Leah Remini doc on A&E, Scientology and the Aftermath. I am. And after the most recent episode spoke on the forced abortions that they say occur, I went looking for a couple of articles and a friend put me up to a website called The Underground Bunker and I went on a nice deep dive into more of the world of Scientology. It was very interesting and this article in particular, about TMZs involvement. I never realized/cared about any connection they might have, and TMZ isn’t exactly a website I frequent. On the other hand, the Underground Bunker might be one I start to! I’m very intrigued.

And in more Fake Religion News: It turns out that fake religion goes quite well with Trumps brand of Fake Populism. Who doesn’t love a good televangelist? Take me back to the good old days of Billy Graham doing the Invocation.


And now, some Fake Philanthropy News: Rumors of my philanthropy have been greatly exaggerated. That first anecdote was quite telling if you ask me. I’m always leery of people eager for a photo op.

Finally, my podcast recommendation. The Girls Girls Podcast.


The podcast itself is wonderful. It deals with all kind of issues/topics that have to do with women. They had a great episode on mental health and then followed it up with an equally great episode about big fat vaginas. The episode I’d like to recommend though, is the 9th, entitled Suck it 2016. I think the title sums up the episode quite nicely.


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