Well friends, despite its best efforts, we survived 2016. Are we better for it? Probably not, but here we are. In fact, based on literally the first thing the House did upon their new session commencing, I’m gonna say, the downward spiral has already begun!

House Ethics News: Ok so by now, if you read my previous paragraph and linked article, you know that the House eliminated the only independent ethics oversight committee, and move it to be under the House Ethics Committee. Gotta love how Republicans claim they want to ‘drain the swamp,’ but eliminate committee CREATED to promote accountability and transparency. What bothered me more though, is that then, Fox News came out with a story saying DJT was bashing the move. Here’s the thing though, he wasn’t bashing it. He was just saying it shouldn’t be the first thing they do. I’m sure he doesn’t realize that they’re most likely doing it to for the betterment of DJT and his people. Also in case you were wondering how I think Don the Con would react to any kind of ethics committee hearing, I imagine it would go something like this.

Updated since I started writing this 5 minutes ago: The House has apparently pulled the Goodlatte Amendment (the ethics change). Allegedly because of DJT’s tweets but I like to believe it is because of all the people calling. But sure, give the credit to the Scumbag Elect.

News News: Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox for NBC! And Buzzfeed News has hired investigative reporter and self proclaimed “FOIA Terrorist” Jason Leopold. I’ve read a ton of his stuff on Vice (one of my personal favorite news outlets) and look forward to reading him on Buzzfeed!

Ellen DeGeneres News: So this hateful woman, Kim Burrell was supposed to be on Ellen to perform a song with Pharell, but after her message, Ellen only had this to say:


And in the spirit of our future Russian overlords, I don’t have a podcast recommendation because I spent most of my time off watching The Americans. I do recommend it though. If nothing else, maybe you’ll learn some Russian.


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