You know, sometimes you’ve got to start with some light hearted news before you delve back in to the real news. So today, we’re going to start with that.

Football News: I do love sports but usually their news is pointless, but when it comes to social justice, I’m a big fan of their news. And today I learned that members of the 49ers gave Colin Kaepernick one of the biggest awards you can get from your team. I think more people should be rewarded for that kind of thing.


James Corden is Adorable News: The passing of George Michael has hit a lot of people. I wasn’t ever a really big fan of his but I can appreciate his work. What really got me was James Cordens tribute.

And now, the real news…

Learn Something News: After the episode that was the ethics crap yesterday, I think it’s important to expand our knowledge and always be looking at what Congress is trying to do. Today I learned all about the REINS Act. I do remember it somewhat from a few years ago, as it related to the Clean Air Act but that was pretty much where it stopped, so I felt I should dig a little deeper. I started here, and then I also read this and this.

Pet Rabbit News: This I just ran across on twitter but of all the weird things congressmen spend money on that they aren’t supposed to, this is one of the better ones I’ve heard.


Climate Change News: Somehow climate change news always seems to be more effective when there are pictures. Everyone can relate to pictures. Data, science, they may not listen, it may confuse them, but pictures are proof. At least for me.

Republican News: Don’t you just love the hypocrisy?

Democrat News: Everyone loves a new hashtag #MakeAmericaSickAgain

And that’s all for today.


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