Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posting last week. Illness got the best of me and while I was still reading the news, I didn’t think posting while hopped up on NyQuil was a good idea. But I’m back, I’m 80% healthy and I’m here for your news reading pleasure! So, let’s begin!

Let’s start out with what’s important. The Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Top 5 best dressed (click the image for the full size). bestdressed

I think my favorite overall was Zoe Saldana. Her dress was both unique, showed her personality and reminded me in a way, of a Disney Princess.

And I’d like to give an Honorable Mention to Janelle Monae and Lola Kirke (but not her armpits. Do you though, girl).

Best Dressed Cast:  bestdressedcast

And finally, Best Dressed Couple:  gg02-livelyreynolds

Best Read: The woman who used a Lifetime Achievement Award to tell the world how shitty our President Elect is.


And when Trump called her overrated, I’m sure this was her response:


And now, the real news.

ACA News: Good Ol’ Boy, Senator Mitch McConnell went on Face the Nation talking about the failures of the ACA and then gave absolutely no response as to what it would be replaced with. I’ve yet to see anyone who wants repeal of the ACA, not want a replacement and yet the Republicans are going around without a clue as to how it should/will be replaced. This is a really great article by Vox and I really recommend reading the whole thing. Just remember Congress,


Paul Ryan is a Scaredy Cat News: After Speaker Ryan announced his plans to defund Planned Parenthood, the group got a petition going asking the Speaker to protect funding for the organization. Our Speaker of the House was so scared of Planned Parenthood activists, he sent 6 security guards to block them from being able to deliver their petition. Yes, just paper. I also recommend the twitter hashtag, #PaulRyanSoScared.

State Department News: This isn’t so much a story as a statement, but Secretary of State John Kerry has issued a formal apology. To whom you ask? Well, to the LGBTI community, on behalf of the State Department:


Public Lands News: I actually almost missed this one as it wasn’t really covered in any of the news I was watching but luckily I have vigilant friends who picked up on it for me! Basically the House approved a rule through the Congressional Budget Office valuing all public lands at $0, and doing away with the former valuation through a Cost analysis, which would look at financial losses and the cost to the American taxpayers, that would occur by selling the land. This could potentially decimate the economies of many western states and the “outdoors” industry which brings in roughly $600+ billion and supports the jobs of over 6 million people. I’m honestly shocked that our President Elect didn’t nominate one of the members of the Bundy Clan to be Secretary of the Interior, at this point.

Former Iranian Leader News: Former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a moderate member of the ruling elite of Iran, passed away at the age of 82. Many believe he was also an integral part of getting Hassan Rouhani elected and the move toward moderate thinking in the country.

Border Wall News:

Finally, and this one you probably saw. Our President Elect has been claiming that the media is lying when they say that he will have the US pay for the wall, and NOT Mexico. He says otherwise. That we just need America to pay for it now, for the sake of expediency, and then Mexico will pay us back. Buying something up front expecting someone else to pay it back is how the market collapsed in 2008. But, just like his businesses, he’ll build it with other people’s money & declares bankruptcy if it fails. Except this time, it’ll be the American peoples money.

Finally, if you’re still reading, it’s podcast time!

I’ve been listening to Keepin’ it 1600 for quite some time. Unfortunately for Bill Simmons, the group running the Pod have left but on good terms. The reason? They’ve created their own website to talk politics. It’s called Crooked Media, and with it, they’ve got a new podcast. It’s  called Pod Save America and it debuts today! I have yet to listen to its inaugural episode but if it’s anything like Keepin’ it 1600, I’m sure it will be worth your while to listen.



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