Hey friends! Well, we’ve made it to Friday, the 13th!!


I caught up on a ton of news today. I think I was too distracted with all the nomination hearings and the ACA Repeal stuff, that I missed everything else that was going on. Ok, I didn’t miss it, but it didn’t seem as important to learn about, given all the other stuff. So, I’ve got a lot of articles that I read today and last night.


First, I don’t think I really focused on nominations other than Sessions and a quick link to Tillerson, but I thought you should also look at the highlights from the hearing for Ben Carson. I thought Pompeo and Mattis were somewhat uneventful but still important to know about. Check it out, if you feel like it.

Civil Rights News: The most important news that’s come out lately (for me) are both civil rights related. These are both a really big deal, possibly moreso given the current political climate:

  1. A report that Loretta Lynch and the DOJ just released about the Chicago police department. The say they’re violating constitutional rights right and left, using bias, hiding evidence, using excessive force, etc. etc. The bigger thing, is that Senator Sessions has basically said that he won’t work too hard to hold up those rights, and didn’t really show any care or concern for the federal review process.
  2.  This “lawmaker” in Arizona would ban courses, activities or events that are designed primarily for a particular ethnic group, promote social justice toward a race, or advocate solidarity based on ethnicity. Here’s the full bill in case you want to read it.

Anyone familiar with the word Kompromat? Don’t worry, Russia says they don’t do that!


Obviously there was the ACA news that came out during the late night Vote-O-Rama (see how much fun they’re having working now that Obama is going to be out? They’ve even willing to work late!) Anyway, since you’ve heard enough about what the beginning of repeal means, and if you haven’t, you can look here. I can’t say I’m surprised at all that they would try to repeal. What I was surprised about was –

  1. The Democrats that voted against lower drug prices/getting drugs from Canada (I get why GOPers voted against). They say they are worried about the quality of the pharmaceuticals coming in from Canada but I mean, Canadians seem alright, so I’m not sure what the problem is besides pharmaceutical companies having more competition and being forced to lower their prices?
  2. Why Republicans seem to want to vote on repealing Obamas efforts on sexual assault on college campuses. Why on earth is that a bad thing? And now I’m worried they’re just going to repeal anything that came into existence in the last 8 years.

Trump Pick News: Not a cabinet position but this guy fits with the cabinet position picks. In that he’s against what he was picked to lead. See, one of the things Trump ran on was the anti-vaxx movement. And so they’re considering creating a commission to study vaccine safety. I mean, everyone wants vaccines to be safe, right? Except they are safe and what Trump is doing, is trying to make them less safe, disguised as making them more safe. And if he does call this commission, he wants notorious anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to lead it! I’m not totally against this guy. I think he’d be a GREAT person to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. But that’s of course, not what he was picked for, and scientists are worried (among the million other reasons scientists are worried about our future).

Straight Up Weird News: White Supremacists are worried that Trump was just pretending to agree with them (I tend to disagree). As such, they put out a warningt: Listen to us or watch out!

And while we’re watching some videos, I can’t recommend the Kellyanne Conway interviews with Seth Meyers and Anderson Cooper, enough. They actually kind of go together, so watch them both.


Finally just a little note to Senator Ben Sasse, yes, this is terrible that there are people who don’t know/understand the 1st Amendment and the rights it affords us. But the fact is, if they did know, there’s a good chance you and your party would never have been elected.



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