So maybe I skipped last week. Honestly, everything has been too overwhelming recently and we all needed a break. But, the Women’s March rejuvenated me and today, I’m making it ALL about women what the news articles I’ve got.

We can get to the rights of other people on another day. Today, I’m making it all about the ladies.

First, can we talk about the Women’s March? Of course we can because I’m writing this! 

If you haven’t had a chance, I’d recommend checking out all the amazing pictures of turnouts that were double, triple, quadruple and so on, the size they were expected to be! Women, use your voices and be heard! And because if you were there but weren’t able to be near the stage to hear anything, feel free to watch all the great speeches that were given, as I had to do. Here are some of my favorite speeches:

Nasty Woman, written by Nina Donovan, performed by Ashley Judd

We must put our bodies where our beliefs are. Sometimes hitting send is not enough! – Gloria Steinem. This woman. Is she amazing or what?
And to paraphrase a great quote
“I have met the people, and you are not the people”

One can be dismissed, two can be ignored, but together, we are a movement and we are unstoppable.

There is no organization that needs your help more this week, than Planned Parenthood. And if you’re jonsing for more Cecile Richards, I’d recommend this interview from The Daily show, even more.

I still wouldn’t trade being there for anything, though. And can I just say, if you are scared of crowds, scared of protesting, this was NOTHING to be scared of. It was beautiful and powerful and to say the very least, uplifting. Make your voices be heard! You will not regret it.

I’d also like to speak to the women who said the march wasn’t for them, and the women who called the march a “disgrace to women” and I know a few who did, personally. The biggest take away I have from these women is:

  1. You don’t even REALIZE the rights you don’t have but that’s ok because I do. And I will continue to fight for you until you realize that. I mean, you had rights taken away THIS MORNING! Did you know that? It was even better that he was surrounded by men as he signed it, because clearly he doesn’t think it necessary for a woman to be in the room when making decisions about their reproductive health.
  2. To the woman who posted this long mess, the only thing I get from it is that you are selfish. You are self-centered and self-serving and clearly do not care about those lesser than you. I’m happy that you have the ability to make your own choices. I’m glad you have the opportunity to speak and be heard. I’m glad you can vote, work if you want or stay home, control your body, defend yourself and your family. That said, you are only speaking for yourself. As a woman, I would think you would stand behind all the women in their lives who do not have these entitlements. What you have is called privilege. You need to recognize it, and then you need to use it to speak out for those who don’t have these rights. Unfortunately, you’re so far up your own asshole, you can’t see the forest through the trees. You can’t see that your rights as you know them will be stripped away little by little until there is nothing less and then you probably won’t be able to vote your way out of that situation, and then when you beg for help, who will come? All the people you insulted? No. We will not be there for you. We will remember when you made it all about yourself and we will leave you there.



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